Where did Kenrick Sandy train as a dancer?


Where did Kenrick Sandy train as a dancer?

As a semi-professional basketball player with dreams playing in the NBA, his natural athletic ability that had also toying with a football career instead had him joining Ruff Stuff, a dance troupe led by MTVs Kat B, where despite lack of dance training, he was soon the troupe trickster using his acrobatic ability to …

Who is Kenrick Sandy?

Kenrick ‘H2O’ Sandy MBE, co-founder and co-Artistic Director of Boy Blue, Associate Artist at the Barbican London, is one of the most renowned choreographers and performers in the UK urban, commercial and theatrical scenes.

How did Kenrick Sandy get into dance?

Growing up in Ilford, dance came late to this 34 year old. Until then he was more interested in sport and wanted to be a graphic designer. But popping by to watch his “theatrical brother” rehearsing one day he found him break dancing, and that was it.

Who does Kenrick h20 Sandy work for?

Boy Blue are a multi-award winning hip-hop performance group founded by Kenrick ‘H2O’ Sandy MBE and Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante. Since becoming Barbican Artistic Associates in 2009 they have staged a string of critically acclaimed shows including Blak Whyte Gray (2017) and Redd (2019).

What does emancipation of expressionism mean?

● The title ‘Emancipation of Expressionism’ – The importance of being free to express. ourselves both as individuals and through the use of hip hop. Choreographic intention. To use hip hop as a tool to create art that affects an audience in a theatrical setting.

How did Kenrick Sandy create emancipation of Expressionism?

Kenrick seeks to express himself by using hip hop as a tool to create art that affects an audience in a theatrical setting. He wants the audience to feel that they are witnessing and sharing an emotional journey through the piece and appreciating hip hop dance as an art form.

How many dancers were in emancipation of Expressionism?

17 dancers
Each section of the piece is a scene, a moment in life and the whole work is an emotional journey. There a total of 17 dancers in this work, 8 women and 9 men. Kenrick is one the performers and several members of the ensemble also have key solos and leading parts.

What are the main themes of emancipation of Expressionism?

Choreographic intention The theme of order and chaos highlights the restrictions of an individual style of hip hop dance. By using a variety of styles he creates unison but when he blends them, he creates chaos by lifting restrictions of individual hip hop styles.

What is the choreographic intention of infra?

One of McGregor’s choreographic aims is to help the audience’s eye in watching a complex structure. But in Infra, McGregor has purposefully left open the full visual field to let the audience make their own selections. 12 dancers (6 male / 6 female) Brief appearance of a crowd who cross the stage.

What does emancipation mean in dance?

Emancipation​: liberation/ being set free. Expressionism​: An artistic style that departs from the conventions of realism and. naturalism.

What was Ann Reinking cause of death?

Reinking died in her sleep at a hotel in Seattle on December 12, 2020, at the age of 71, while on a visit to her family in the area.

What type of dance is emancipation of Expressionism?

What is the dance style of Emancipation of Expressionism? Hip-hop including: crumping, popping, locking, animation, breaking and waaking techniques.

What dance style is demonstrated in emancipation of Expressionism?

Hip hop
Dance style Hip hop, including krumping, popping, locking, animation, breaking and waacking techniques.