When was the last SM Town concert?


When was the last SM Town concert?

The last iteration of the concert with a live audience was 2017’s ‘SMTOWN LIVE World Tour VI’. Set to take place on August 20, 6pm KST at Seoul’s Suwon World Cup Stadium, it will mark the physical return of SM Entertainment’s trademark ‘SMTOWN LIVE’ concerts.

When did SM Town concert start?

August 15, 2008
SM Town Live

World tour by SM Entertainment artists
Location Worldwide
Start date August 15, 2008
End date August 5, 2019
No. of shows 97

How long is SM Town concert?

four to six hours
SM Town is the name for the artists under Korean record label SM Entertainment. Each year the company organizes their artists to come together and perform on a four to six hours long concert that tours around the Asian continent.

What does SM Town stand for?

SM Town (stylized as SMTOWN) is a musical collective for the recording artists under South Korean entertainment company SM Entertainment.

When was the last YG Family Concert?

October 25, 2014
The tour kicked off at Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan for a two-day performance on April 12 and 13 before visiting other cities in Japan, China and Korea. The tour was officially sponsored by Samsung Galaxy in China, Taiwan and Singapore….Power World Tour.

End date October 25, 2014
No. of shows 10 shows
YG Family concert chronology

Who owns SMTOWN?

Lee Soo-man
(Korean: SM엔터테인먼트) is a South Korean multinational entertainment company. It is one of South Korea’s largest entertainment companies where it was established in 1995 by record executive and record producer Lee Soo-man….SM Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Native name
Genre K-pop R&B Pop Hip hop Electropop EDM Avant-garde music

Is Smtown Live 2022 prerecorded?

SM Town Live 2022: SMCU Express at Kwangya (stylized as SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU EXPRESS @ KWANGYA) was an online live concert held on January 1, 2022, by SM Entertainment….SM Town Live 2022: SMCU Express at Kwangya.

Duration Est. 300 minutes
No. of shows 1
Attendance 51 million
SM Entertainment artists concert chronology

Is SMTown Live 2022 prerecorded?

How can I watch SMTown?

Fans can stream the show on SMTown’s YouTube channel, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Beyond LIVE accounts.

Do SM artists have a dating ban?

Rookies also are forbidden from dating, but the ban lifted as long as the provide enough money. Their communication is centred around “it is the idols’ private life”. SM: dating is not explicitly banned – including for trainees. Idols can date as long as they don’t get caught.

Where can I watch Smtown 2022?

SM Entertainment’s record-breaking year-end concert is set to take over the internet once more. On 24 January, the agency announced that it will be having a global re-streaming of its 2022 New Year’s Day Showcase, SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU [email protected], on 29 January, 3 PM KST via Beyond Live and LG U+ IDOLLIVE.

How many hours is Smtown Live 2022?

SM Town Live 2022: SMCU Express at Kwangya

Promotional poster
Location Worldwide
Date(s) January 1, 2022
Duration Est. 300 minutes
SM Entertainment artists concert chronology

Is Smtown Live 2022 Free?

However, if you’re a fan of K-pop groups like NCT and aespa, you’ll definitely want to watch SMTOWN Live 2022: SMCU Express @Kwangya. The show will feature a number of artists from SM Entertainment, and the best part is it’ll be available to watch for free. That’s right.

Is Smtown 2022 free?

SM Entertainment to broadcast ‘SMTOWN LIVE 2022’ worldwide for free again | allkpop.

What is SM Town Live World Tour IV?

SM Town Live World Tour IV was the 2014–15 worldwide live concert tour by SM Town. The tour commenced with one show in Seoul and then continued in Tokyo, Shanghai, Hsinchu . SM Town is the name for the artists under Korean record label SM Entertainment.

What is SMSM Entertainment?

SM Entertainment presents the best stage for you with the best sound and performances. World Tour Concert We have been contributing to the advancement of the Korean Wave performance culture by holding over 200 high-quality performances with the professional performance agency, DREAM MAKER Entertainment, each year.

How many concerts did SMTown host in 2019?

1 SMTOWN WEEK TVXQ! 6 TVXQ! ‘Catch Me’ For dreams, hopes and passion. A systematic approach in producing shows at the highest level. In 2019, we hosted approximately 185 concerts around the world.

How many people attended the BTS concert in Seoul?

The concert in Seoul was attended by at least 35,000 audiences, and the concert featured performances from artists like BoA, Kangta, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, Shinee, f (x), Red Velvet, EXO, TRAX, Zhang Li Yin, as well as 18 trainees from the company’s trainee project team SM Rookies .