What songs did the Troggs sing?


What songs did the Troggs sing?

Wild ThingLove Is All AroundWith A Girl Like YouI Can’t Control MyselfNight Of The Long GrassGive It to Me
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Who originally sang the song Wild Thing?

The Wild Ones
“Wild Thing” was released 50 years ago this month. Originally performed by a New York band called The Wild Ones, the song’s publisher has issued 7,500 licenses for recordings. There are versions by Jimi Hendrix.

Who plays the song Wild Thing?

The TroggsWild Thing / ArtistThe Troggs are an English garage rock band formed in Andover, Hampshire in May 1964. They had a number of hits in the United Kingdom and the United States. Wikipedia

Who covered Wild Thing by the Troggs?

The Troggs were the first to have a UK hit with a cover of it (No. 2 in 1966) , but a long list of artists that includes Jimi Hendrix, Fancy, Sam Kinison, X, Prince, Warren Zevon and, most recently, Bruce Springsteen have put their spin on its simple chord progressions and sweaty lyrical sentiments.

Who were The Troggs?

Reg PresleyLead VocalsChris BrittonGuitarRonnie BondDrum KitPete StaplesBass guitarPete LucasBass guitarDave MaggsDrum Kit
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Who died from The Troggs?

Reg Presley
Reg Presley, singer with 1960s British rock band The Troggs, has died aged 71. The frontman died at his home in Hampshire surrounded by his family, his daughter Karen said. The Troggs had a number of hit songs, including Wild Thing and Love Is All Around, which was covered in the 90s with huge success by Wet Wet Wet.

When did the song Wild Thing by The Troggs come out?

July 30, 1966
But if any other song warrants a place in the conversation, it would be “Wild Thing,” the three-chord masterpiece that became a #1 hit for The Troggs on July 30, 1966 and instantly took its rightful place in the rock-and-roll canon.

Who was in The Troggs?

Where did the name The Troggs come from?

The band took its name from “troglodyte”, which is a mythical beast that lives in caves. At the band’s first recording session, they were only allotted 45 minutes of studio time. By the time they got into the studio, set up their instruments and ran a sound check, they only had 15 minutes left.

Where did the Troggs come from?

Andover, United KingdomThe Troggs / Origin

What was Reg Presleys real name?

Reginald Maurice BallReg Presley / Full name

Are the Kinks English?

The Kinks were an English rock band formed in Muswell Hill, north London, in 1963 by brothers Ray and Dave Davies. They are regarded as one of the most influential rock bands of the 1960s.

Who died from the Troggs?

Who were the Troggs?

How old is Reg Presley the Troggs?

71 years (1941–2013)Reg Presley / Age at death

Is Reg Presley still alive?

February 4, 2013Reg Presley / Date of death

How old is Reg Presley The Troggs?

Who wrote the song Wild Thing by the Troggs?

“Wild Thing” is a song written by American songwriter Chip Taylor and popularized by the English rock band the Troggs.

What year was the song Wild Thing released?

(1966) “Wild Thing” is a song written by American songwriter Chip Taylor and popularized by the English rock band the Troggs. It was originally recorded and released by the American rock band the Wild Ones in 1965, but it did not chart.

Who sang the song Wild Thing in Major League?

It was later used in the 1989 film Major League and its 1994 sequel, Major League II. French singer Amanda Lear recorded “Wild Thing” for her 1986 album Secret Passion and released as a single in 1987.

Why did the Troggs release two records at the same time?

Owing to a distribution dispute, the Troggs’ single was available on two competing labels: Atco Records and Fontana Records. Because both pressings were taken from the same master recording, Billboard combined the sales for both releases, making it the only single to simultaneously reach number one for two companies.