What is Ward 20 Airedale Hospital?


What is Ward 20 Airedale Hospital?

Ward and service contact details

Ward Service Telephone number
Ward 18 – Location B4 Elective Orthopaedics 01535 292181 or 292182
Ward 19 – Location B7 Private patients, Haematology & endocrinology 01535 292191 or 292192
Ward 20 – Location B16 Day surgery 01535 292201
Ward 21 – Location B18 Maternity 01535 292211

What is Ward 4 at Airedale Hospital?

Dementia-friendly wards are being created at Airedale General Hospital. As part of a £700,000 scheme, Ward 4 is being refurbished and redecorated in order to help patients.

How much is parking at Airedale Hospital?

Parking Charges

Time period Charge
First 20 minutes Free
Up to 2 hours £3
2 – 4 hours £5
Up to 24 hours £8

What area is Airedale Hospital?

The hospital covers a wide area including Keighley, Skipton and parts of the Yorkshire Dales and eastern Lancashire. The hospital has links for Neurosurgical emergencies with Leeds General Infirmary. The hospital provides approximately 324 beds….

Airedale General Hospital
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Where is D10 at Airedale Hospital?

Skipton Road, Steeton
The centre is at: Airedale General Hospital, Day Hospital for the Elderly (D10), Skipton Road, Steeton, BD20 6TD. Follow the signs and turn left from the main road entrance.

Are visitors allowed at Airedale Hospital?

We are very pleased to be able to allow visitors to our hospital. The health, safety and wellbeing of our patients, communities and individuals and teams remain our absolute priority.

How many beds does Airedale hospital have?

324Airedale General Hospital / Number of beds

When was Skipton hospital built?


Skipton General Hospital
Opened 1899
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