What is the meaning of Agiyaras?


What is the meaning of Agiyaras?

In Sanskrit, Ekadashi means ‘Eleven’, as in the eleventh day of two fortnights of the waxing and waning Moon, in the lunar month. The Bhagwat Geeta talks about Ekadashi as the day when Lord Krishna narrated to Arjuna, the importance and ways of fasting on this auspicious day.

What is the importance of Agiyaras?

Those who fast on this day are considered to get rid of malefic planetary influences, experience happiness, and gain the right peace of mind to think of Ishvara and attain moksha. It is a day of Vishtikarana, a day of malefic influences.

Which day is Agiyaras?


Ekadashi Date
Gauna Vijaya Ekadashi Vaishnava Vijaya Ekadashi February 27, 2022, Sunday
Amalaki Ekadashi March 14, 2022, Monday
Papmochani Ekadashi March 28, 2022, Monday
Kamada Ekadashi April 12, 2022, Tuesday

What is Agiyaras fasting?

The Ekadashi day i.e. eleventh day of a lunar month is believed to be significant to Lord Vishnu and the followers of the Lord observe a full fasting on this day. The fasting on this day is called Ekadashi Vrat. As there are two such days in a month, devotees observe two such fasting days in a month.

When should we start Ekadashi fast?

Devotees of Shri Vishnu keep a day-long fast (vrat) on Ekadashi Tithi (the eleventh day of the Lunar fortnight). Two moon cycles make a month in the Hindu Lunar calendar, which either starts after Purnima (Full Moon Day – Purnimant calendar) or Amavasya (New Moon Day – Amavasyant calendar).

Why don’t we wash hair on Ekadashi?

It is out of respect and devotion to Brihaspati Deva (the ruling deity of Thursday, as per hindu religion) that people do not wash clothes, hair, cut nails etc.

Can you shave on Ekadashi?

no such thing prohibits.

Can we shave during Ekadashi?

Can unmarried girl wash hair on Tuesday?

Tuesday: According to beliefs, washing hair is prohibited on Tuesday. Especially, people who have Mars (Mangal) in a weak position in their horoscope should not wash their hair on this day, as it will give adverse results.

Can I do haircut on Ekadashi?