What is Rheinland Pfalz ticket?


What is Rheinland Pfalz ticket?

The Rheinland-Pfalz-Ticket makes you mobile up and down the country. No matter whether you are travelling alone or in a group, because the Rheinland-Pfalz ticket is available as a 1-2-3-4 or 5-person ticket. The price depends on how many people travel.

Is BW ticket valid in ire?

Bayern Ticket You can travel as much as you like throughout the federal state using regional trains (RB, IRE, RE), the S-Bahn, and other regional train companies.

What is Regio ticket?

Regio-Ticket Munich-Nuremberg. Take a short holiday for EUR 23 for 1 person; EUR 8 extra for each additional person. The ticket is valid for any number of journeys in the second class of all DB local trains within the valid zone. The regional day ticket is valid for up to 5 people.

Is Bayern-Ticket valid in Lindau?

The Bayern-Ticket of Deutsche Bahn is valid on the Lindau city bus.

Is Bayern-Ticket valid in Salzburg?

The great thing is you can use the Bayern Ticket to go to pretty much any touristy place in Bavaria, including the many gorgeous lakes surrounding Munich, the stunning Partnachklamm, and even Salzburg, which, while in Austria, is a route still valid with a Bayern Ticket.

Is Bayern Ticket valid in Nuremberg?

The Bayern Ticket is also valid for travel on almost all buses and trams in Bavaria including all transportation in major cities such as Munich (München), Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Augsburg, and Regensburg.

Is Bayern Ticket valid in Rjx?

RJX = Railjet Xpress = Austrian fast long-distance train. The Bayern-Ticket is not valid on these. You have to stick with the regional trains, i.e. the Meridian (M) ones.

How do Germans save money on trains?

The only sure-fire method of saving money on German trains is to book your travel as early as possible directly through the website of the German railway, Deutsche Bahn (bahn.de). You can score deals as low as €19 on long-distance or international connections, if you are among the first to make reservations.

Is Bayern Ticket valid in Garmisch Partenkirchen?

It is also valid on the Zugspitzbahn between Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Grainau, on the Lindau to Memmingen stretch via Kißlegg and on the Außerfern Railway between Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Kempten via Reutte. Note that the ticket covers at the above places outside of Bavaria only the regional trains.

Is Bayern Ticket valid in Innsbruck?

Does Bayern Ticket include Innsbruck? Bayern Ticket does not include Innsbruck in Austria. With your Bayern Pass, you can go as far as Kufstein in Austria or Mittenwald in Bavaria.

Is Bayern Ticket valid in Salzburg?

Can I go to königsee with Bayern Ticket?

Step 1: Bayern ticket One can reach Königsee either via car or by public transport. In our opinion, the public transport offers great connectivity and if you’re going as a group then, the Bayern ticket offers a great value for money. The complete round trip shall cost you just under 13€.

Is Bayern ticket valid in Nuremberg?