What is Navy Hopsack?


What is Navy Hopsack?

An incredibly popular fabric, hopsack is known for its distinct basketweave texture that is naturally wrinkle-resistant, but also breathes well to keep you cool on a warm day. This makes hopsack an excellent performance fabric that is well-suited for travel or a full day’s wearing.

What is a Hopsack jacket?

Hopsack varies in terms of the weight, twist and how tightly or loosely the fabric is woven. It is basically a lightweight wool fabric and go-to fabrics in summers. It has a basket weave texture which gives a very different feel to tailored garment; which is a good thing as it adds some character to the garment.

How do you wear a Hopsack blazer?

The Navy Hopsack Blazer You can wear it with different types of slacks or jeans. It is also a great option for spring and summer thanks to the hopsack weave’s breathability. In this case, we would recommend a single-breasted blazer with patched pockets for more versatility.

Is Hopsack good for summer?

Hopsack, like Fresco, is an open weave fabric that comes highly recommended during the summer months. This cloth is soft and light, perfect for keeping you cool all summer long. It is also relatively wrinkle resistant though not to the degree that Fresco is.

What is a nailhead suit?

Pinhead, also known as pin-dot or nailhead is similar to the birdseye pattern, but smaller. It is a worsted wool suiting with a twill weave covered with small dots, that look like they have been hammered in with nails or pins.

What is Hopsack weaving?

Hopsack is a variation of plain weave with each row going over or under two warp strings instead of over and under one. It gives a chunky fabric by weaving two warp threads and two weft yarns at a time. Example of a Hopsack Weave.

What is Hopsack trouser?

A pair of smart trousers tailored from a wool fabric in a hopsack construction – a loose basket weave with a subtle geometric texture making the trousers durable and airy with a natural resistance to wrinkling.

What is Crispaire?

Crispaire / Fresco fabrics are wool fabrics whose individual threads are spun tighter than normal, creating larger gaps in between the threads and allowing more air to pass through it as well as making the fabric less likely to crease.

What is a fresco weave?

Fresco is a lightweight fabric made from tropical wool with a porous weave designed for maximum air circulation. It’s an ideal choice for hot and humid climates or for those who generally have higher body temperatures. The word “fresco” is derived from the Italian word “affresco”, which means “fresh”.

What does Birdseye suit mean?

Birdseye (Bird’s Eye or Birds-Eye) is an all over woven suiting made from a small geometric pattern with a dot suggesting a bird’s eye. The fancy-solid suiting fabric is a favourite of bespoke tailors and their more stylish patrons.

What is a pinhead suit?

Are Sharkskin suits good?

Sharkskin is strong, resilient, and has excellent quality so you’ll be able to keep wearing your sharkskin suit for a very long time. Sharkskin suits are hands down one of the best types of clothing you could ever own.

What is high twist?

High Twist cloths are woven from strands of yarn that are woven tighter together than otherwise. The result is a more breathable, open weave fabric that is incredibly resistant to wrinkling and makes it great for travel.