What is G Dragons most famous song?


What is G Dragons most famous song?

Here are 5 songs that every die-hard fan of G-Dragon should know of.

  • 1) Crooked: BIGBANG. 14.8M subscribers. G-DRAGON – 삐딱하게(CROOKED) M/V.
  • 3) Crayon: BIGBANG. 14.8M subscribers. G-DRAGON – CRAYON(크레용) M/V.
  • 4) Heart Breaker: YG ENTERTAINMENT. 6.74M subscribers. G-DRAGON – HEARTBREAKER M/V.
  • 5) Untitled: BIGBANG. 14.8M subscribers.

What is the unique nickname for G-Dragon?

– The shortened version of G-Dragon is GD. – One of his nicknames is “Iguana Idol” (because he changes his hair color several times). – He is considered the King of K-Pop.

Is G-Dragon a male or female?

G-Dragon is noted for his androgynous appearance, with the Korea JoongAng Daily calling him “a notable star fashioning genderless style”, noting how his image deviates from the fixed gender type of men and women.

Does G-Dragon have a child?

A photo of Big Bang member and solo artist G-Dragon’s new baby has been posted online. On September 22, G-Dragon posted a photograph of a sleeping white puppy on his Twitter account with the following words: “Come here my cutie-pie.”

Is G-Dragon a genius?

The Korea Times has called him a “genius singer-songwriter”, citing that his songs became instant hits and anthems for young people around the country. In 2008, G-Dragon became the youngest person to be listed on The 10 Greatest Korean Composers at the age of 20.

Who wrote Bigbang If you?

G-DragonIF YOU / Composer

What is G-Dragon favorite color?

GD’s favourite colours (from what we’ve found all around the interwebs) are: yellow, white, green, black, red and gold – so pretty much the whole spectrum.

Why is G-Dragon called G-Dragon?

The origins of G-Dragon: He chose the stage name G-Dragon because the ‘Ji’ in Ji Yong in his case means it is similar to the letter G and ‘Yong’ is Korean for ‘Dragon’. Also, his Chinese zodiac sign is Dragon!