What is Bosa in optical fiber?


What is Bosa in optical fiber?

Bi-Directional Optical Sub Assembly (BOSA) The WDM filter enables the bi-directional transceiver to split the wavelengths into two separate wavelengths. After the wavelengths are split, transmit and receive functions can work on a single strand of fiber.

What is optical subassembly?

Within the fiber-optic link, the optical subassembly converts the data signal from an electrical current to optical radiation in the fiber and vice versa. The optical subassembly comprises the electro-optical converter, optic, and connector components.

What is BOSA on Board?

The BOSA ON BOARD debugging circuit comprises a BOSA ON BOARD and a debugging board, wherein the BOSA ON BOARD comprises a BOSA ON BOARD driving chip; and the debugging board is connected with the BOSA ON BOARD driving chip and used for carrying out reading and writing on a register of the BOSA ON BOARD driving chip.

What is ROSA optical?

Optical Modules are electronic components that convert an electrical signal to an optical signal simultaneously. Optical Modules are categorized into LD (Laser Diode) Modules and PD (Photo Diode) Modules. Optical Transceivers are packaged PD and LD Modules.

What is inside a SFP transceiver?

Receiver Optical Sub Assembly (ROSA): ROSA is the component inside the receiver side of the SFP port. The ROSA is responsible for receiving the optical signal transmitted by the TOSA of the opposite end’s transceiver and converting it back to an electrical signal so that the communication equipment can understand it.

How does an optical transceiver work?

Transceivers are wavelength-specific lasers that convert electrical data signals from data switches into optical signals. These signals can then be transmitted over the optical fiber. Each data stream is converted to a signal with a unique wavelength, meaning that it is effectively a unique light color.

What is inside an optical transceiver?

The main components of an optical transceiver include an electrical input interface, an array of laser drivers, an array of light emitters, an optical multiplexer, an optical output connector, an optical input connector, an optical de-multiplexer, an array of light detectors, an array of trans-impedance amplifiers (TIA …

What is Tosa laser?

TOSA-Transmission Optical Sub Assembly The TOSA consists of laser device or LED device which converts electrical signal into light. The TOSA assembly include optical as well as electrical connection points. This connection will help user to apply electrical signal to control the laser device.

How does optical transceiver work?

What is a transceiver module used for?

An Optical transceiver module is the core part of optical communication devices. It uses fiber optical technology to send and receive data through completing the process of optical signal – electrical signal / electrical signal – optical signal conversion.