What is a good score at Wankhede Stadium?


What is a good score at Wankhede Stadium?


Total matches 7
Matches won bowling first 5
Average 1st Inns scores 194
Average 2nd Inns scores 182
Highest total recorded 240/3 (20 Ov) by IND vs WI

Is Wankhede Stadium a batting pitch?

The pitch at the Wankhede Stadium often assists the batsman as revealed by the average score of 180 in the IPL and 194 in international T20s here. A true pitch, short boundaries and quick outfield often help the batsman and this time too we will some high-scoring matches.

Where should I sit at Wankhede Stadium?

Right above the bowler’s arm: that’s how simply one can explain the view from the top tier of the Grandstand. Situated on top of the dressing rooms, it is where you want to be. Watch out for the straight hits over the sight screen.

Is Wankhede good for spinners?

Is Wankhede Stadium good for spinners? The pacers generally get a bit of swing in the initial overs on the night games. In day games, the pitch gets a little bit on the drier side and the spinners can get the advantage of it. Generally, the bowlers struggle at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

Is Wankhede Stadium good for spinners?

The wicket at the Wankhede offers help for both the pacers and spinners. Close proximity to the Arabian sea helps the swing bowlers considerably, especially during early hours of the day.

Is Brabourne a batting pitch?

The pitch at the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai has been heaven for the batters in this season of the Indian Premier League. There is a red soil surface at the Wankhede Stadium which provides an even bounce for batters to play their shots. The boundaries are also not huge at the venue.

Is food available in Wankhede Stadium?

(v) There are food stalls in the stadium and throughout the match they also vend in the seating areas. One can get Dominos pizza, Subway sandwiches and the usual snacks like samosas, vada-pav, wafers etc. Same with the cold-drinks – pepsi and all the usual stuff. Toilet facilities are available inside the stadium.

Can we carry food in Wankhede Stadium?

The Simple answer is “ NO”, unless you are a MCGM club member in that case you can park inside the staduim. Recently i went to watch “Mumbai vs GT” in wankhede .