What car is on the cover of NFS Carbon?


What car is on the cover of NFS Carbon?

Need for Speed: Carbon
European cover art featuring a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX and a Dodge Challenger drifting through a corner.
Developer(s) EA Canada EA Black Box (PC) Team Fusion (PSP) Exient Entertainment (DS) Pocketeers (GBA) Rovio Mobile (mobile) Global VR (arcade)
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts Global VR (arcade)

Is NFS Carbon Available for PC?

Need for Speed Carbon PC servers are still up and running. The daily and weekly leaderboards show activity. If you want to play online, you would need to buy a new copy of NFS Carbon. If you don’t care about online play, then a used version is fine.

Is There a Need for Speed Carbon remastered?

Need for Speed™ Carbon Remastered – Reveal Trailer | PS5 – YouTube.

Can you get the BMW M3 GTR in NFS Carbon?

The BMW M3 GTR is unlocked by completing a reward card. It is one of the hardest rewards to obtain in the game.

How do you drift in Need for Speed Carbon?

Always remember, you can “Power-over’ in NFS Carbon. Using the Power-Over technique is when you steer into a corner, and then slam on the gas. This causes the rear tires to spin in a drift event or a canyon run. When your back tires start to spin, your car will initiate the drift.

How do you unlock the BMW in Need for Speed Carbon?

When was NFS Carbon released?

Need for Speed: Carbon was first released in autumn 2006 for the PC, GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox platforms, as well as for the newer PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 platforms. In the following year, it was also made available for Macintosh.

How do you get the M3 GTR in carbon?

To access it, you’ll need to complete a rewards card including challenges like:

  1. Cause 200,000 cash cost to the state in a single pursuit.
  2. Raise the Heat on your car to Level 5.
  3. Conquer all of the tracks in Career Mode.
  4. Unlock 33 different cars.