Is YSL L Homme sweet?


Is YSL L Homme sweet?

Sweet, but the opening is a spicy freshness, with dry and woody undertones. That will shift, as we move along, but the opening brings it. At the top, you are definitely getting hit with the cardamom right away. This note will often be a supporting player, but in La Nuit de l’Homme, it is the main attraction.

How long does YSL L Homme Ultime last?

6-7 hours
Though, the overall longevity is somewhere in the 6-7 hours, the second half is just not as strong. It will stick around as more than a skin scent, before it is just a skin scent completely. Seasonally, I could see myself wearing this year round. It’s cool, yet spicy and I like the way it hangs in the winter air.

How long does Yves Saint Laurent L Homme last?

As a whole, YSL L’Homme suffers from a very weak longevity and projection. After applying the fragrance, you’ll be lucky to experience more than 3 hours of it. In addition, the projection’s sphere is very tight and only really noticeable when up close. However, the sillage is surprisingly good.

What does YSL Ultime smell like?

Ultime dries down further, into what it is for the rest of the way: ginger, cedar, vetiver, and grapefruit. It’s woody and outdoorsy fresh with a cold spice. It’s simple but very nice. Projection wise, the sillage of L’homme Ultime, is fairly moderate.

Is YSL Libre a man?

L’Homme Libre by Yves Saint Laurent is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men.

Is YSL Libre unisex?

YSL describes Libre as a “reinvention of the floral perfume” because the scent is a blend of lavender essence, orange blossom and musk-accord. The sweet yet sultry fragrance is completely unisex and pairs well over their Or Rouge Lotion or any subtle, floral body cream of your choosing.

What is Yves Saint Laurent l’Homme Parfum intense?

Yves Saint Laurent expresses a more powerful and sophisticated olfactive interpretation of its signature scent for men with L’HOMME PARFUM INTENSE. An ambery woody fragrance bursting with character, featuring sensual and vibrant leather accords.

Should you buy Yves Saint Laurent l’Homme EDT?

RECOMMENDATION: Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme EDT can be found for about $80. A basic, ozonic, spicy, and woody fragrance ideal for those that enjoy these notes and personal-space fragrances. Not recommended. BLIND-BUY: Yes, but only if you are familiar with its main notes.

Is YSL L’Homme a good scent?

But nowdays boring. I agree with the general consensus that YSL L’Homme is indeed an inoffensive, safe and versatile scent (providing people like ginger) but I also agree with Gelindee’s comment about there being a seductive and compelling quality to this one despite it’s apparent simplicity.

Is YSL L’Homme more charming than Dior Homme or Prada?

Although, It still fits more charming men than the loud ones. IMHO, the obvious winner amongst Dior Homme and Prada L’homme. While DH and PL are limited to the powdery note brought by the Irris, YSL L’Homme is fresh and aromatic providing an addictive combination.