Is there 2 versions of Passion of the Christ?


Is there 2 versions of Passion of the Christ?

The ending credits feature different movie titles, “The Passion of the Christ” respectively “The Passion Recut”.

How much was Jim Caviezel paid for The Passion of the Christ?

The film had made $619 million globally. The Passion of the Christ (2004)- Here, we don’t know much about Jim Caviezel’s pay. Reportedly, it is learnt that he earned anything between $175,000-$200,000.

How can I see The Passion of the Christ?

Streaming on Roku. The Passion of the Christ, a drama movie starring Jim Caviezel, Monica Bellucci, and Claudia Gerini is available to stream now. Watch it on The Roku Channel, Tubi – Free Movies & TV, Freevee, Plex – Free Movies & TV, Kanopy, Prime Video, Vudu Movie & TV Store, VUDU or Apple TV on your Roku device.

Why is Passion of the Christ so violent?

But because The Passion lacks these escapist themes and “cartoonish” depictions of gore, she said, the film forces viewers — whether or not they believe the story of Jesus — to empathize with its tortured subject. “It’s so different from the typical kind of R-rated movie violence. It’s intimate. It’s sustained.

What movie did Mel Gibson make the most money?

The Passion of the Christ
1. ‘ “The Passion of the Christ” is Gibson’s highest-earning movie to date.

Is The Passion on Netflix?

Netflix has secured worldwide distribution rights to “The Passion,” a live TV musical event narrated by Tyler Perry about the final hours of Jesus Christ’s life, following Fox’s U.S. broadcast Sunday.

What led Judas betray Jesus?

Like the Gospel of John, the Gospel of Luke also cited Satan’s influence, rather than mere greed, as a reason for Judas’s betrayal.

Where can I see The Passion on TV?

“The Passion” will air on Fox on March 20 (Palm Sunday), 8-10 p.m. ET live/PT delayed. On March 22, the special will be available on Netflix internationally with the exception of the Netherlands, where the format originated. The special will air in the Netherlands March 25.