Is MBA available in Vidyasagar University?


Is MBA available in Vidyasagar University?

Master of Business Administration [MBA] Vidyasagar University offers the sought after MBA degree in around 5 specializations. It is a full time, 2 year degree program, and enrolls applicants without capping their age groups.

How can I get provisional certificate from Vidyasagar University?

A student who wants to get a certificate ( like Academic Transcript , Duplicate Mark sheet , Examination Certificate , Provisional Certificate , Migration Certificate ,etc ) should apply in the plain paper I prescribed format (available in the university website ) along with the photocopies of registration certificate …

Do I need to pay for migration certificate?

The migration form can be found on the official website of CBSE Board. While applying for the CBSE migration certificate or a duplicate migration certificate, candidates are required to pay a fee of Rs 250 and for an urgent duplicate copy of a migration certificate, the fee is Rs 500.

Is Vidyasagar University under Calcutta University?

Vidyasagar College (Bengali: বিদ্যাসাগর কলেজ) is a state government-aided public college, affiliated to the University of Calcutta, located in North Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Is Vidyasagar University under Calcutta university?

Is migration certificate necessary for MBA?

Yes. It is necessary while taking admission in the other state universities. In some institutes migration certificate and transfer certificate is considered as the same so it might vary college to college.

Who are eligible for migration certificate?

Answer: A migration certificate is necessary when school students have passed their class 12th exam successfully and he/she needs to get admission to college or university to seek graduation courses.

What documents are required for MBA?


  • Institute Allotment and Freeze Copy.
  • MH CET/ CMAT/ CAT/Score Card.
  • Statements of Marks/ Certificates Of SSC.
  • Statements of Marks/ Certificates Of HSC.
  • Statements of Marks of Graduation.
  • Leaving Certificate/ Transfer Certificate ( Migration for other University)
  • Nationality Certificate.
  • Domicile Certificate.

How many days it will take to get migration certificate?

Migration Certificate will be sent by Registered Post after 15 clear working days if the fee is paid at the University Cash Counter. In case the fee is sent by I.P.O./ Bank Draft, the Migration Certificate will be issued after 15 clear working days from the date of receipt of the amount by the University.

Does MBA require migration certificate?

Answer. Hello, Yes, migration certificate is required to take admission in any university as it indicates that you are migrating from your college to university.

Who gave the name Vidyasagar?

Ishwar Chandra
Ishwar Chandra gained the title Vidyasagar which means ocean of knowledge in Sanskrit. He earned the title when he was studying at the Sanskrit College of Calcutta at 22 years of age. The title Vidyasagar was given to him due to his vast knowledge on a multitude of subjects.