Is it sunny in Lanzarote in April?


Is it sunny in Lanzarote in April?

Lanzarote gets an average of 8.5 hours/day of sunshine in April. You will have plenty of time to hit the bars and also lounge by the pool or on the beach, while the days become longer compared to previous months.

What are the temperatures in Lanzarote in April?

The temperatures in Lanzarote in April are comfortable with low of 62°F and and high up to 66°F. As it is almost never rain during April in Lanzarote the weather is perfect for hanging out outside and exploring all that Lanzarote has to offer.

Is Lanzarote cold in April?

Temperatures were spot on the average with neither hot nor cold days. 2020 continued the exceptional weather the island enjoyed through the late part of 2019 onwards. Warm, sunny days with blue skies and light winds. Mid month, we saw 30 degrees!

Is the sea warm in Lanzarote in April?

Swimming on the island of Lanzarote in april is cool So though the sea temperature may sometimes reach 68°F, it can also go as low as 64°F. Note that the average is 66°F.

Is Lanzarote hotter than Cyprus in April?

While in April they have (on average) the same number of hours sunshine per day (11), Lanzarote is hotter – high of 25c v 22c, low of 17c v 11c and slightly drier 6mm v 12 mm of rain.

Which is the windiest month in Lanzarote?

Lanzarote is known for the trade winds which blow North – North Easterly, the windiest month is July with an average wind speed of 19 knots but its generally blowing 10-14 knots all year round.

What part of Lanzarote is hottest in April?

Being the furthest south playa blanca is the warmest. It also benefits from the mountains at Femes that can often break up the clouds, plus gives shelter from the wind. It certainly isn’t as windy as costa teguise or PDC.

Which Canary Island is hottest April?

Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are the hottest islands in April, though Gran Canaria remains warmer at night. Fuerteventura is the driest, with only 5mm of rain predicted for the month. Here, our researchers select the best places to stay in the Canary Islands in April, with detailed weather info.