Is Class 12 Math difficult?


Is Class 12 Math difficult?

Average students would be able to score 60 out of 80, say experts. CBSE class 12 Mathematics exam analysis: Students found today’s CBSE class 12 mathematics exam to be difficult.

Is class 12 maths paper easy?

The CBSE Class 12 Term 2 Maths exam was considered to be one of the most difficult exams that were expected by the students and teachers. Jagran Josh’s reporters went to various exam centres across Delhi NCR to check the first reactions of the students. The paper was not very easy and was tricky and lengthy.

Are exam fear notes good?

Examfear is a very usefull and genuine content giving website. So, I started using this from class 10th, my sister introduce this to me and this helps me a lot. this provides you a visual learning experience with proper notes than who wants more.

Which subject is most difficult in class 12th?

But in all, maths can be said to be the toughest of all. It depends on you and your interest. But in all, maths can be said to be the toughest of all. PCM is a difficult stream.

Which is the toughest chapter in class 12 maths?

Which Is The Toughest Chapter In Class 12 Maths?

  • Out of 13 chapters in class 12 maths there are 3 toughest chapters.
  • Chapter 8 Applications of Integrals, Chapter 11 Three dimensional Geometry & Chapter 13 Probability are the most challenging chapters in class 12 maths.

Will CBSE consider term 1 marks?

RELATED NEWS. New Delhi: CBSE Term 1, 2 Exams 2022: The Central Board of Secondary Education has informed that a circular mentioning CBSE has decided to reduce the weightage of term-1 examinations is fake. CBSE Spokesperson Rama Sharma said, “the circular regarding weightage of term-1, 2 examinations is fake.”

Who is Learno hub?

Dinesh Kumar A S. “LearnoHub is a nice platform for all the students, Roshni is very creative in explaining the concepts with visual aids.

How can I overcome my fear of exams?

How to overcome exam fear?

  1. Feel confident and stay optimistic.
  2. Create a timetable for every subject and follow it religiously.
  3. Don’t postpone revision.
  4. When you are not able to focus, take a few minutes break.
  5. When it is a complex topic, discuss it with your friends or draw flowcharts for easy remembrance.

Is Class 12 A Hard probability?

Algebra and Probability are easy units too and hence shouldn’t take much effort to understand. However, both require a lot of practice to understand the application of knowledge and formulas.

How can I study without fear?

Here are 10 tips to overcome exam fear and to reduce anxiety.

  1. Start revising early: Never keep revision for the 16th hour.
  2. Make your own timetable: When it comes to Indian students, they are often compared to others by society and parents.
  3. Chart out a plan: Planning out things is always good.