Is adisn real?


Is adisn real?

A.D.I.S.N., pronounced as “Addison”, is a protagonist in the series. She is a sentient artificial intelligence created by NOV8 and resides in McKeyla’s notebook.

What does Addison stand for in project MC squared?

Melissa Mabie as A.D.I.S.N. (voice), McKeyla’s talking notebook. Her name is short for “Advanced Digital Intelligence Spy Notebook”. It is pronounced as “Addison”.

What is the app for Project MC2 Journal?

App Description Download our free app, PROJECT Mc² CASE FILES, to go on missions and prove your skills. Use different functions on your device to collect evidence and analyze clues. Apply your reasoning skills to narrow down the suspects and crack the case. With over 1,000 missions, NOV8 will be keeping you busy!

Where was project MC2 filmed?

Filming in Vancouver: Jeremy Piven, Travelers, Somewhere Between, Project MC2, and more. Paula Patton will star in the new TV series thriller Somewhere Between, which is filming here in Vancouver. This week’s roundup of what’s shooting in Vancouver has a strong sci-fi and tech theme running through it.

Will there be more episodes of Project mc2?

This seems to be the biggest question regarding the show and at two years on since the last episode, it’s safe to say the show has now concluded and won’t be returning for part 7.

Who is the villain in project MC2?

Carson Lazarus
Carson Lazarus (Johannah Newmarch) is the main villainess from the second season of Netflix’s Project Mc² (airdate August 12, 2016). She is a criminal mastermind and a top agent for HAVOC, a villainous organization that rivals NOV-8.

Why was project mc2 Cancelled?

It didn’t get canceled but simply, ran its course. That’s not to say that in the future the show could see a reunion episode.

Who is McKeyla McAlister’s sister?

Maddy Tabitha McAlister
Maddy Tabitha McAlister is the older sister of McKeyla McAlister. She is a highly trained secret agent working for NOV8 and is known as The Nighthawk. She is portrayed by Sarah Desjardins.

What movies is Mika Abdalla in?

Sex Appeal2022An American Girl: Saige…2013Warpaint for the Teenage SoulSummer’s ShadowThe Fandango Sisters2012Project Mc2 New Years Eve Count…
Mika Abdalla/Movies

Is Victoria Vida Brazilian?

This Miami-born, Brazilian/American actress and singer is a force to be reckoned with as she takes over the screen as the star of the Emmy award nominated Netflix series “Project MC2 .” Winner of “Best Actress” by the Brazilian International Press Awards for her role as the lovable fashionista “Adrienne Attoms” on the …

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