How do you know if a radio is intrinsically safe?


How do you know if a radio is intrinsically safe?

Verification that a radio unit is intrinsically safe (IS) is noted by looking for a specific label attached to the back side of the portable radio unit. The label usually includes the familiar logo of any of the certifying testing laboratories, such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or FM (Factory Mutual).

How do I know if my Motorola radio is intrinsically safe?

Motorola Intrinsically Safe Two Way Radios are identified by a blue sticker on the accessory connection point of the radio and by blue stickers on corresponding batteries or other accessories. Do not use an Intrinsically Safe Two Way Radio with a Non-Intrinsically Safe Accessory.

What makes a radio intrinsically safe?

Intrinsically Safe radios are certified to prevent or eliminate the possibility of generating even the tiniest little spark. Additionally, designs must limit the amount of heat produced by the radio. The battery designs used in the radios must also prevent sparks and eliminate short-circuiting.

What makes a two way radio intrinsically safe?

In order to be designated Intrinsically Safe, radios must be designed and housed in such a way as to prevent or eliminate the possibility of generating even the tiniest little spark. They must also limit the amount of heat produced by the radio.

Is two way radio safe?

With the use of data encryption and a secure channel, you can safely and privately communicate in your organization without any interference from any in-range radios.

What Motorola radios are intrinsically safe?

Intrinsically Safe

  • Motorola MOTOTRBO ION.
  • Motorola XPR 3300e UHF UL Approved Intrinsically Safe Wi-Fi MOTOTRBO Portable.
  • Motorola XPR 3300e VHF UL Approved Intrinsically Safe Wi-Fi MOTOTRBO Portable.
  • Motorola XPR 3500e UHF Intrinsically Safe Wi-Fi MOTOTRBO Portable.
  • Motorola XPR 3500e UL VHF Wi-Fi MOTOTRBO Portable.

What does intrinsically safe mean?

The standard ensures that an “intrinsically safe device” is incapable of triggering combustion or igniting any gasses or fuels. To put it simply, you can use it around gasses or fuels without risking static electricity or heat discharge from the device igniting the surrounding volatile gasses, powders and liquids.

What is an ATEX radio?

The ATEX radio certification indicates that a radio is built to withstand explosive atmospheres, such as mines and other hazardous areas. When working in these sensitive environments, often exposed to oil and gas, any device or action that emits sparks or heat could cause a dangerous chemical reaction.

What are ATEX radios?

Do people still use 2 way radios?

Yes, really. Even in the world of smartphones in every pocket, two way radios are still the preferred method of communication by professionals in business, industrial, and government industries.

Is the Motorola cp200d intrinsically safe?

Motorola CP200D replacement radio battery is designed to meet or exceed the original Motorola CP200D in quality, durability, and performance. Comes with a one year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee….Motorola CP200D Replacement Radio Battery 7.5V 1600mAh Intrinsically Safe NiMH.

Volts: 7.5 V
Weight: 0.8 lbs

How do I know if something is intrinsically safe?

A system designed to be intrinsically safe requires full documentation of all the components and wiring employed. Immediately following installation there will be an inspection, followed by periodic inspections through the life of the equipment.

What are the disadvantages of two-way radios?


  • Their low power results in relatively short range compared with higher power radios.
  • Their easy availability may result in the channels being congested with multiple users.

Do walkie talkies emit EMF?

Results: Walkie-talkie type toys and remote controlled toys are the source of EMF with intensity values ranging from 1 to 21.5 V/m. EMF values over 0.01 mT were not found in the surrounding of mechanical toys.

How do you know if you are intrinsically safe?

Six classes define temperature levels. In general, equipment meeting the T4 designation is considered intrinsically safe because temperatures will not exceed 135°C (275°F) (equipment dissipating less than 1.3 W generally stays below this temperature).

What is the symbol for intrinsically safe?

Intrinsic safety (denoted by “i” in the ATEX and IECEx Explosion Classifications) is one of several available methods for electrical equipment.

What does Rx mean on walkie-talkie?

Low Band 30-100MHz, VHF 100-300MHz, UHF 300-600MHz,) Rx – Short hand for Receiving the radio signal. Common use of this would be phrases such as “I am experiencing a no Rx problem with my headset” or “Rx tested well” Tx – Short hand for the Transmission of a radio signal.

What is a Bowman radio?

Bowman is the name of the tactical communications system used by the British Armed Forces. The Bowman C4I system consists of a range of HF radio, VHF radio and UHF radio sets designed to provide secure integrated voice, data services to dismounted soldiers, individual vehicles and command HQs up to Division level.