How do you find the kayran?


How do you find the kayran?

He’ll tell you of a boat that the kayran sank, south through the forest and then east toward the river. You’ll find the wreck near a ruined bridge. Triss tells you to find her by the wreck, then teleports out of sight. You’ll have to go join her in order to find a sample of mucus from the monster’s lair.

Where is the iron frame in Witcher 2?

This item is only available if Geralt successfully eludes the guards and gets into the compound behind Loredo’s residence during the Indecent Proposal quest. Even if the witcher manages to reach the compound later, the iron frame is not among the lootable items on any other visits.

Where is Iorveth in Witcher 3?

Iorveth’s Gwent card artwork Iorveth does not physically appear in The Witcher 3. However, he was originally planned to be one of the main characters. CDPR originally stated that he would appear, in a 2013 interview with Game Informer.

Can you spare the kayran?

The Kayran is lootable two times. Once from the left side of the Tentacle which the Sorceress examines, and once from the right side, near where it joins the body. (Edit: It seems that if you load the autosave from right after you defeat him, you will only be able to loot him once.

How do you use the kayran trap?

During the Kayran fight there is a glowing spot in the ground before Kayran. You can plant the trap there using the action key without even equipping the trap (I think). Just be careful to not get hit by the tentacles while planting it. After that just lure the beast to strike it’s tentacle to the trap.

Why was Iorveth cut witcher 3?

It got cut because it was bad (It was my quest, I’m allowed to say that.) The whole nilfgaardian war stuff got cut for mostly just not fitting in well with the rest of the game and simply not having enough time to finish it properly.

Can you remove the tattoo Witcher 2?

If Triss is consulted about the tattoo, she will laugh at the witcher’s expense and tell him that she can remove it with the following: White myrtle petals. Green mold. Wolf’s aloe leaves.