How do I subscribe to Airtel data plan?


How do I subscribe to Airtel data plan?

Anyway, here are the subscription codes for Airtel Weekly data plan. Unlimited Plan: N525 for 200MB – Valid for 7 Days – Dial *440*17# to subscribe. Weekly Plan: N300 for 350MB – Valid for 7 Days – Dial *417# to subscribe. Easy Plan: N500 for 750MB – Valid for 14 Days – Dial *418# to subscribe.

How can I get 1 GB 200 naira on Airtel?

How can I get 1GB for N200 on Airtel? It’s simple to obtain 1GB for 200 on Airtel for 7 days. Simply send by dialing *141*241#. Then, when the prompt appears, press 2 for Airtel 200 for 200 MB for 7 Days.

What is Airtel code to buy data?

The plan is usable on any device. To subscribe to the Easy plan dial *141*500#. According to Airtel, the 2G Pack offers unlimited data service over a 2G network. The data Pack allows you to subscribe with NGN 200 or NGN 500.

How can I get Airtel 24GB?

Airtel 24GB plan is also valid for 30 days and would work on any device that uses a SIM! Subscription code: To opt-in for Airtel 24GB for ₦8000, dial *460#

How can I subscribe cheap data on Airtel?

To subscribe or activate any of the Airtel internet bundle plans, just:

  1. Dial *141#
  2. Choose 1.
  3. Choose 1 for Daily/Weekly.
  4. Also, Choose 2 for Monthly.
  5. Choose 3 for Mega.
  6. Then select a bundle.

How can I get 16GB in Airtel?

How to Subscribe to Airtel 16GB for 3000 naira – Airtel My Offer data plan

  1. Simply dial *141#.
  2. Select “My offer”
  3. Then pick the plan you want to purchase. In this case, the ₦3000 for 16GB plan.

How can I subscribe 2GB to 200?

How To Activate the MTN 2GB For N200 Bundle. You’re expected to recharge your mtn sim with a minimum of 200Naira airtime for this 2GB activation code to work for you. Simply dial *406*3*2# to subscribe to the N50 bundle.

How to buy data on Airtel?

Airtel says the Red Data plan has been conceived to empower SMS “GET TO 141” on his/her phone; buy the data bundle of his/her choice and Get Double the DATA.

How to free data in Airtel?

Under the partnership, Airtel’s 54 million customers who purchase weekly and monthly data bundles will get bonus and music wherever they are for free.”

How to subscribe to Airtel Data Ott bundles?

Dial*185#and OK.

  • Select 2 for Airtime/Bundles and OK.
  • Select 5 for OTT Service Tax and OK.
  • Chose self (your number) or others (those you want to pay for) and OK.
  • Chose 1 for daily,2 for weekly or 3 for monthly and OK.
  • Enter Airtel Money PIN and OK.
  • Is Airtel postpaid or prepaid the best?

    In terms of service and network quality, Airtel Postpaid is certainly and indubitably better than its prepaid service. However, if the plans are not chosen thoughtfully the experience will be below satisfactory and not so pocket friendly.