How do I set an alarm with my own music?


How do I set an alarm with my own music?

On an Android device, open the Clock app, tap Alarm, and tap your current alarm sound to change it. Tap Add New and navigate to a song you’ve downloaded on your Android device. If you have YouTube Music, Pandora, or Spotify, you’ll have the option to choose songs from these services.

What’s a nice song to wake up to?

23 Best Songs to Wake Up To (Great Morning Songs)

  1. “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles.
  2. “Alaska” by Maggie Rogers.
  3. “Brave” by Sara Bareilles.
  4. “This Too Shall Pass” by OK Go.
  5. “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake.
  6. “Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens.
  7. “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers.
  8. “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve.

What sound is best for waking up?

What alarm sounds are best to wake up to?

  • Birds singing.
  • The flowing sounds of a stream or river.
  • Soft instruments such as violins, harps, pianos and flutes.
  • Smooth Jazz.
  • Forest ambience.
  • Raindrops.
  • The sound of crickets.
  • Your favourite song.

How do I make a song on my iPhone my alarm ringtone?

Apple iPhone users can set a single song as their alarm via Apple Music or iTunes. From Apple’s clock app, tap Alarm > Edit. Create an alarm by tapping the + button on the top right or tap an existing alarm. Here, you can set the time, when it will repeat, and whether or not you can snooze.

How do I choose a good alarm sound?

So sticking with those and calling it a day (or a morning) is more than effective. But what scientists have also found is that tunes the person can remember, enjoy, or even sing and hum along to have the best effect on the brain in the morning.

How do I choose an alarm sound?

Use a sound

  1. Open your phone’s Clock app .
  2. At the bottom, tap Alarm.
  3. On the alarm you want, tap the Down arrow .
  4. Tap the current sound’s name.
  5. Choose a sound: Pick a sound from the list: Tap it. Use your own sound file: If you’ve downloaded a sound file to your phone, tap Add new. Your sound file.