How do I create a custom collection view?


How do I create a custom collection view?

Select File -> New File -> iOS -> Source -> Cocoa Touch Class. Name the class CollectionViewController and make it a subclass of UICollectionViewController. Go back to the Storyboard, select the Collection View Controller and go to the Identity Inspector. Change the custom Class to CollectionViewController.

How do I add a button to the navigation bar on Storyboard?

Drop a button on the right-hand side of the navigation bar, then switch to the assistant editor so we can connect it to some code. Ctrl-drag from your new bar button item into your source code, and when you release your mouse button change Connection from “Outlet” to “Action”.

How do I register a collection view in Swift?

We can register the cell using its name and identifier. Write this into the “viewDidLoad()” of your “ViewController” class. Change your CollectionView delegate and data source method as follow to show data using the custom cell. Complete code snippet of your “ViewController” class should something like this.

How do I add a label in collection view?

Select The Collection View and go the Size inspector. In the Collection View section change the Cell Size to a width and height of 100 points. Drag a Label from the Object Library and place it on the Center of the Collection View Cell. Select the Label and go to the Attribute inspector.

How to add a title to the navigation bar in tspauthorsviewcontroller?

Its view is populated by the views of the view controllers in its navigation stack. To add a title to the navigation bar, insert the following line into the viewDidLoad method of the TSPAuthorsViewController class. Every view controller has a title property that is used in various places like the navigation bar.

What is the navigation bar in the navigation controller for?

The navigation bar at the top of the navigation controller and authors view controller is something you get for free when working with navigation controllers. It’s an instance of UINavigationBar and helps navigating the navigation stack.

What is navigation controller in UIView?

Just like any other UIViewController subclass, a navigation controller manages a UIView instance. The navigation controller’s view manages several subviews including a navigation bar at the top, a view containing custom content, and an optional toolbar at the bottom.

How to install a navigation controller in an Android app?

Install it directly as a window’s root view controller. Install it as the view controller of a tab in a tab bar interface. Present it modally from another view controller. In the first three scenarios, the navigation controller provides a crucial part of your basic interface and stays in place until the app exits.