How do I access Nandos virtual queue?


How do I access Nandos virtual queue?

When you visit, our host will greet you and take you to a table. In some cases, particularly if we’re busy, we’ll be using a virtual queuing system instead which you can join by simply scanning the QR code when you arrive. Our host will let you know if this is in place.

Do you order on an app at Nandos?

You can order at the table via a dedicated mobile app and you can still use your Nando’s Card with mobile wallet.

Why is Nandos not accepting orders on Deliveroo?

Restaurant chain Nando’s has had to close dozens of restaurants and restrict orders on Deliveroo due to supply chain issues and staff isolating.

What does Nandos give you on your birthday?

Birthday meals Enjoy a free meal on your birthday, that’s every year!* T&Cs apply.

How do I scan the Nandos QR code?

Search our FAQs please speak to a member of the team who will take your name and details to manually input into the queuing system. To scan a QR code using your phone, open the camera and point it towards the code.

How do I use Nando’s app?

If you have the Nando’s Card in your mobile wallet, simply tap your phone on the contactless reader (located next to the payment device) when prompted to collect Chillies or redeem rewards. You may need to unlock your phone.

Can you have piercings at Nandos?

The uniform is fair, dark jeans, leather trainers, apron and nando’s top for Cashiers. Hair has to be up and piercings out or blue plaster due to health and safety risks. You are not allowed to wear jewellery in the restaurant- only a wrist watch depending on your position. oral piercings are allowed.

Can I pre order on Deliveroo?

Yes! You can schedule orders for up to one day in advance and choose any delivery time from midday onwards.

Can you pay later on Deliveroo?

There is a new feature in your Deliveroo Rider app: orders can be paid in cash by customers. During this kind of delivery you should pay the restaurant in advance on behalf of the customer when you pick the order up and then collect the cash from the customer once you deliver the order.

Does Nandos give student discount?

Unfortunately, Nando’s does not currently have a student discount scheme – it does offer 20% off to emergency service workers though, so some students (nursing students for example) might be able to use their ID to wangle a discount.

How do I get a Nandos black card?

The restaurant has stated that it has never given a black card to anyone who’s requested one. As the website states (deep, deep in the FAQs), “we can tell you for certain is that no-one who’s requested a card, no matter how politely, has ever received one. Asking for one is simply the biggest taboo — a definite no no.”

Do police get discount at Nandos?

Nando’s are proud to offer a 20% nationwide discount to Police officers and staff, as their way of saying thank you! How does the discount work? When ordering your meal show the cashier your warrant card ID.

Do you have to use card at Nandos?

You can pay via cash or card within our restaurants, if paying by cash you will need to place your order via the till rather our pay at table app.

Do Nandos workers get free food?

Some of our benefits include: Free meals for everyone who works in our restaurants when they’re on shift, and a discount of up to 40% when they’re not. (Depending on the day of the week.)

Can you wear lashes at Nandos?

No, due to health and safety.

Can you pay cash on Deliveroo?

Why doesn’t Deliveroo accept cash? We only take card payments because it lets us provide you with the best possible experience. It creates a safer working environment for riders too. You can tip your rider through the Deliveroo app after you have received your order.