How did The Internship perform at the box office when it was released?


How did The Internship perform at the box office when it was released?

Released on June 7, 2013, the film received mixed reviews from critics and grossed $93 million worldwide.

What is the plot of The Internship?

After old-school salesmen Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) find themselves downsized, Billy decides that, despite their complete lack of technological savvy, they should work for Google. The friends somehow manage to finagle internships at the Internet giant and promptly head out to Silicon Valley. Viewed with disdain by most of their fellow interns, Billy and Nick join forces with the rest of the misfit “nooglers” to make it through a series of competitive team challenges.The Internship / Film synopsis

What can we learn from The Internship movie?

5 Key Lessons To Learn From The Internship Movie

  • Learning from your peers can help your career.
  • It’s ok to make a mistake (as long as you learn from it)
  • Combining soft skills with technical skills is the most important quality you can show in an internship.
  • Be open to learning.

Who did the cameo at the end of The Internship?

Sergey Brin: The Google co-founder can be seen riding a bike in the Google headquarters arrival scene. He can also be seen congratulating the two main characters at the end of the film.

What does Ben learn from the other interns?

Ben learns about fashion from Jules, Cameron and his colleagues. Other interns learn about fashion from Ben. Jules learns about letting go and leaning in from Ben etc. Also the movie talks about contagious enthusiasm.

What is headphones job in the internship?

Then there’s Josh Gad, best known to tech-movie fans for playing Steve Wozniak to Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs. In this movie, he’s “Headphones,” a socially-awkward Google employee who turns out to be in charge of search.

Who is the guy at the end of internship?