How can I send sweets online in Bangalore?


How can I send sweets online in Bangalore?

OYC provides free online sweets delivery in Bangalore. You can get Bangalore special traditional sweets, diabetic friendly sweets and branded sweets from popular shops from OYC. The sweets will be of high quality and taste that matches the traditional taste of the city.

What is Kanti sweets famous for?

Kanti Sweets is one of the few stores in the city where speciality sweets, specific to popular festivals and their celebrations like Sankranti, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Dusshera and Diwali are available, which makes it a popular mithai-destination despite of no loud branding or glitzy packaging.

Who is the owner of Anand Sweets Bangalore?

Anand Dayal Dadu
Not all success stories are scripted overnight. And that happens to be the case with Anand Dayal Dadu, the man behind ‘Anand Sweets and Savouries’, who says it took time for the shop to make a place in the hearts of Bengalureans. Today, he is proud of the niche it has carved for itself in the City.

What is Meetaaz?

Meetaz from Anand Sweets are made out of dry fruits and added different flavour of fruits. Celebrate your festivals and special occasions by surprising your loved ones with this box of special sweets. This box contains 12 pieces of sweets. Dry Fruit, Fruits Flavour. Immediate Consumption.

Which is the best sweet in the Bangalore?

16 Best Sweet Shops In Bangalore For 2020

  • Kanti Sweets, Multiple Outlets.
  • Poonam Sweets, Banashankari.
  • Sri Krishna Sweets, Multiple Outlets.
  • Banchharam, Multiple Outlets.
  • Asha Sweets Centre, Multiple Outlets.
  • Kartik’s Mithai Shoppe, Multiple Outlets.
  • Taaza Mithai, JP Nagar.
  • Sri Venkateshwara Sweet Meat Stall, Multiple Outlets.

What is famous sweet in Bangalore to buy?

Kayi Holige is one of the most famous sweets in Bangalore. Any function this sweet is a must. There are many variations such as Bele Holige, Shenga(Ground Nut) Holige. The ghee on top of a hot holige is the most popular style to savor, making it delicious.

Who owns Kanti sweets?

Kantiswarup Sharma. After Panditji’s demise in 1973, his son Shri. Rajendra Prasad, the second generation owner of the store, decided to take up the family business. Since 2005, the business has been managed as a family partnership.

What is Karnataka famous sweet?

Must Try Sweets In Karnataka

  • Gulbarga’s Malpuri. This deep fried sweet is stuffed with khoa and dunked in sugar syrup.
  • Bellary “Cycle” Khova.
  • Bhatkal Halwa.
  • Amingad/Gokak Karidaa-antu.
  • Belgaum Mandige.
  • Belgaum Kunda.

What is Anurodh mithai?

Anurodh! The name itself says I recommend you to!. Can anything be better than this where you get a pure thick rabri, mixed with thin flakes of malai, with a twist of Rosogulla in it.

When was Kanti sweets founded?

Kanti Sweets made a humble beginning in 1957 when Pandit Jyoti Swarup Sharma started ‘Kanti Sweet Meat Stall’ at Kempegowda circle, Bangalore which was a small 6ft X 6ft counter that still stands at that spot.

Which sweet is popular in Bangalore?

The Best 10 Famous Sweets In Bangalore, According to Locals, to Enrich Your Sweet Tooth

  • Mysuru Pak.
  • Kayi Holige.
  • Badam Halva.
  • Kesari Bath –
  • Kajjaya.
  • Dumrot/Khasi Halva – One of the Famous sweet in Bangalore.
  • Rava Unde & Puri Unde( Puffed Rice Ladoo)
  • Halkova.