Does OpenPhone have a desktop app?


Does OpenPhone have a desktop app?

OpenPhone is available on mobile, web, and desktop.

Can I text with OpenPhone?

OpenPhone is built for modern teams – so yes, you get text messaging (and much more).

Does OpenPhone have an app?

OpenPhone is an app for iPhone, iPad and Android. After downloading the app, you can get a second phone number for $9.99 per month. It can be a local or a toll-free number in the U.S. or Canada.

Is OpenPhone a VoIP?

OpenPhone is a VoIP phone service focused on startups, small businesses, and individuals. With OpenPhone, you can make unlimited calls throughout the world to help support your customers and clients. OpenPhone is available for iOS, Android and web browsers.

Can I trust OpenPhone?

Openphone has been easy to work with from the get-go. The customer support has been fantastic whenever we’ve had a feature request or run into issues (rare). Highly recommend for small businesses and solopreneurs to separate personal phones from business. Quick and easy setup.

How much does OpenPhone cost?

$10 per month
After the trial, OpenPhone costs $10 per month for an Individual account. A Team account, which costs $15 a month, adds a dedicated account manager and priority support. And then, if you haven’t already, you download the app to your phone, and you’re ready to go.

Is OpenPhone a VOIP?

Can you conference call on OpenPhone?

Despite the higher price, OpenPhone still lacks call queues, conference calls, music-on-hold, and deskphone support.

Who owns OpenPhone?

Mahyar Raissi
It has raised $56 million to date. OpenPhone’s married founders, Mahyar Raissi and Daryna Kulya, respectively from Iran and Ukraine, are well aware that they are not the first to have thought of re-imagining the humble business phone system.

How do I make a call with OpenPhone?

How to make a call with the OpenPhone mobile app

  1. Use the dial pad inside the app to enter a number.
  2. Open (or create a new) conversation and tap on the call icon on the top right corner 📞
  3. Choose a contact from your address book and select the number you’d like to call from their contact details.

How many employees does OpenPhone have?

OpenPhone has a team of 11 employees, with just over 25% female team members and the same ratio of non-white employees.

How do I make an international call with OpenPhone?

Enabling international calling and messaging

  1. On the left side panel, click on “Settings”.
  2. Under “Workspace”, click on “Phone Numbers”.
  3. Click the specific phone number that you’d like to update.
  4. Under the “General” section, scroll down to “International calling and messaging”.

Does OpenPhone work overseas?

With OpenPhone, we are able to have a single business number that is connected via the internet, so all of us can access our phone number. As we are constantly doing work overseas, given the nature of our business, it is also great that we aren’t tied to a SIM card; we can use the same number around the world.

Is OpenPhone available in Canada?

OpenPhone offers unlimited calling to Canada and the US.

Is OpenPhone secure?

Your communications are secured using 256-bit AES encryption and your data is stored in redundant databases across several physical locations for both security and availability purposes. Our services are protected by Cloudflare.

Can I use OpenPhone for personal use?

OpenPhone adds work phone numbers to your existing devices. No new hardware required; all you need is an app. Built for teams and individuals, use your business phone anywhere.