Every story is personal. Like ours.

Flike as a concept was conceived in the summer of 2014 when an article claimed that “there are size limitations for drone technology. Small is OK but don’t you ever expect to have one that is heavy enough to carry a person.”

Such a statement is just the right trigger for engineers like us – to prove it wrong.

Conceptualization went quite fast. Hungary is well equipped with brain power, and we could tap it right at its best – the country’s largest institute for applied research. Even so, it took almost a year, a few thousand cups of coffee and a remarkable number of sleepless nights to design, build and beat gravity with the Concept Demonstrator.

What we are up to?

First manned and controlled flights followed quickly stirring up professional and public interest around the world. That was the moment the Flike enthusiast team has spinned off: we are now incorporated as ByeGravity cPlc. For this project we live and breathe, and work towards a commercial product, focusing on having an irresistible look coupled with unquestionable reliability. We are almost there –we unveil Flike as a product in the near future.

And what will become of it?

Either a luxury leisure flight vehicle, or the largest civilian freight transport tricopter around. Maybe both. Flike is full of possibilities: while promising the reinvention of the term “free flight”, it also leaves our freedom of choice unconstrained.

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Questions and Answers


  • IP protection
    There are patents pending for FLIKE technology. FLIKE and the FLIKE logo are registered trademarks.
  • Certification, registration, pilot’s licence
    In most countries, ultra-light pilot’s licence will be sufficient for private use. Certification is in progress to according to the German Ultra-Light Association’s code of airworthiness.

  • Safety
    By it’s redundant powertrain and flight computer, FLIKE is fault-tolerant by design.
  • Investor relations
    For the development and initial commercialization phase, FLIKE is well covered by funds. However, we are actively seeking long-term partners: future providers of regional distribution, maintenance and training facilities.
  • Industrialization level
    Basic manufacturing facilities are already set up. We have all supplier contracts and service agreements signed. Capacity is scalable according to the market demand. 
  • Production capacity
    Resources will be allocated so that no customer shall wait for his/her Flike for more than six months.
  • Series vs. individual production
    For the private market, FLIKE will be offered in a predefined set of versions. Personalization will be easy with our Web Configurator under development. We are open for negotiations towards specific professional setups and individual demands.
  • Price and payment terms
    Based on its model and equipment, your Flike will cost around 200.000 USD. Final price lists will be issued a few weeks before the official sales opening. A serial number will be issued upon a (fully refundable) 5000 USD deposit. Your serial number is the allocated production slot of your Flike. Four months before delivery, all specifications will get fixed, and a pro-forma invoice for 50% will be issued. The remaining 50% will be due upon delivery.
  • Service, distribution and training
    In order to support our Customers from the moment of their idea of owning a Flike, throughout the lifetime of their product, a comprehensive strategy for regional presence is already settled. There are still open slots however, we are actively looking for sales, maintenance and training partners around the globe.
  • Where is FLIKE Headquarters located?
    Flike is a proprietary brand of ByeGravity cPlc, a service integrator located in Budapest, Hungary.
  • When did the development start? How many are working on production?
    The Flike, as a project originates from one of the most renowned applied research centres of Europe. Development started in 2013. Currently there are around 50 professionals directly involved in the different phases of development, industrialization and commercialization activities.
  • Capitalization
    Flike is solely funded by private equity, sufficient for sustainable and quality business activities for the market entry period.


Mrs. Krisztina Klesitz
Marketing Manager

+36 70 676 1900